Managing materials

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The presence of materials like lead and asbestos or the potential exposure to such materials or substances can be an unsettling experience for students, staff and the wider community.

When the presence of material is reported, immediate action is taken to protect public health. This action includes isolating the area and engaging a licenced contractor who will investigate and ensure the site meets SafeWork NSW work, health and safety standards.

When we are confident the site is safe, a clearance certificate is provided by an independent hygienist. This allows occupancy of any affected buildings or areas, and a safe return to normal use.

To provide transparency in materials management in our public schools, recent school notifications relating to materials management are available to view. If you are looking for notifications regarding asbestos management in schools, please visit the asbestos register.

Update related to works notifications

From September 2022, all works notifications related to asbestos will be located on the relevant school page. To find out what’s happening at your school, go to the School Infrastructure NSW home page and enter your school’s name in the ‘Find your school’ search bar.