Burwood Girls High School

Burwood Girls High School, established in 1929, is a large inner west comprehensive school for girls with a highly culturally diverse population (enrolment 1200, 75% from a language background other than English). The school is situated 10 kilometres from Sydney CBD and has modern facilities including specialist areas for dance, drama, hospitality, physical education and science. The school community has high expectations for students and staff and the school consistently achieves excellent academic results. Burwood Girls High School offers six languages ( Chinese, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Korean) and opportunities to be involved in band, dance, debating, drama, and public speaking. The school achieves outstanding results in sport and has a long tradition of excellence and innovation. The schools' motto, "Not For Ourselves Alone", has a powerful message for every member of our school community. Burwood Girls High School prepares young women to be resilient, take responsibility for their learning, and believe they can achieve anything. Innovation and positive student learning experiences are our focus. Differentiated learning programs support and extend students in managing and directing their learning. The aim is to develop independent women who make sound judgements, good decisions, believe in our core values (care, cooperation, courtesy, democracy, excellence, fairness, integrity, participation, respect, and responsibility), and have the courage to take a stand on social justice issues. We develop a culture of innovation and collaboration in an enriching environment that promotes opportunities for empowered leadership and recognise and celebrate achievement. We want to prepare strong women to be future leaders.

Share Our Space

School spaces will be open from 8am to 5pm from 23 December 2019 to 24 January 2020 including weekends and public holidays. Roving security guards will open the gates in the morning between 7-8am and close them between 5-6pm at night.

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This school is currently being assessed against the current Cooler Classroom funding guidelines.

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