Waratah West Public School

Waratah West Public School is in the Newcastle area, 10 kilometres from the city centre. The uniqueness of our small, family-oriented environment has created opportunities for attention to be focused on the welfare of each individual student. It has also facilitated the development of supportive relationships between teachers, parents and students within a school community that brings together families from a variety of socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. There are 55 families with a total of approximately 80 students enrolled for 2009. School structure consists of K to 6 multi-grade classes with four full time and one casual teacher employed with PSFP funds and a school administration manager. Currently, school-based data shows that 78% of students are achieving Stage outcomes in Literacy and 74% of students are achieving Stage outcomes in Numeracy.

Cooler Classrooms Program

The NSW Government is committed to providing students with healthy and comfortable learning environments. That’s why we’ve invested a record $500 million to provide a sustainable air conditioning program for NSW schools.

To ensure the NSW Government responds to the needs of students in the hottest parts of the State, we will provide air conditioning in classrooms and libraries at schools that experience a mean maximum January temperature of 30°C and above.

School Infrastructure NSW is pleased to advise that your school’s application for funding as part of the Cooler Classrooms Program has been successful. School Infrastructure NSW will be in contact to organise a date for the due diligence team to visit your school. Congratulations on your successful application. We look forward to working with you to provide better learning environments to improve educational outcomes.

Applications for the second round of funding are now closed.

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