Wardell Public School

Wardell Public School is a quality learning environment, where the students are responsible and hardworking and the teachers are helpful and caring in a safe and supportive community. The school motto is 'Learning is Life' and the school community endeavours to develop a positive commitment amongst its students to lifelong learning. The school takes great pride in its academic, welfare, sporting and cultural programs and the achievements of its students and staff. The professionalism of staff in delivering quality educational programs, together with the active involvement of parents and the community, directly benefits the students producing outstanding results. The staff, students and parents of Wardell Public School are committed to the creation of a caring environment where the worth and potential of each child is recognised and developed. Its purpose is to provide a quality education that generates a happy, effective and productive school environment. Wardell Public School has a pupil enrolment of approximately 60 children. It has a dedicated and highly professional staff of three full-time teachers, a part-time teacher/librarian, a school administration manager, a cleaner and general assistant who all help to ensure the efficient running of the school. A number of support staff assist in the implementation of special programs. In addition it has many interested parents and community members who give up their time to help out in the classroom, in the canteen, and with the many other tasks which would otherwise not be accomplished. The school is fortunate to have the support of a strong Parents and Citizens Association, with our local community showing strong interest in its school. Parents are encouraged to participate and share in the education of their children at every opportunity, and are urged to become involved in every aspect of the school's operation. The school buildings include four classrooms, library, administration block, covered outdoor learning area, and various storerooms and preparation spaces. The grounds are spacious and the children have plenty of room for sport and play. The school has a long tradition of education in the region, since its beginning in 1867.

Flood recovery updates

A project is underway to rebuild Wardell Public School after it was damaged by floods in early 2022. To stsay up to date, visit the flood recovery project page.

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