Main Arm Upper Public School

An easy ten minute drive from Mullumbimby brings you to our vibrant school where we provide a nurturing environment for the education of our most valuable asset, our students. Our school offers a rich and rigorous education in a family environment - an education that provides a basis for continuous learning and encourages our students to develop thinking skills to help them become persistent, confident, organised and resilient individuals who can work well with others. Our school is driven by a set of core values - Respect, Resilience and Responsibility. Staff, students and community members all recognise the importance of our core values at Main Arm Upper Public School. Our school culture reflects the warm, caring and co-operative nature of the school and its community. Our small class sizes provide every student with individualised learning opportunities where they can grow with confidence holistically. We have strong literacy and numeracy programs, creative and performing arts programs and rich, extensive environmental, science and welfare programs which includes our "Positive Behaviour for Learning" (PBL),our "You Can do It" (YCDI) program and our Kinder Buddy Program. Our "You Can Do It" can be attributed to its positive aim of the acquisition of life skills. The focus is not on inappropriate behaviour, but rather on learning social skills that help our students achieve success in all areas of life. The program teaches five foundations: Confidence, Persistence, Organisation, Resilience and Getting Along. These are taught from Kindergarten to Year 6 so all students and teachers speak the same language and have the same expectations. This has assisted our students to take responsibility for their own choices and actions in their learning. Particular skills such as 'working tough' when things get hard and not giving in to difficult situations and irrational thoughts have made our students not only more resilient but successful learners as well. This program aims to develop the potential of each and every student in a positive way, through active involvement with parents, teachers and peers. Our school also offers an extensive range of enrichment programs where we are catering to and enhancing each and every child's abilities. Our enrichment programs range from dance, gym, drumming and music through to film making, gardening, arts and active after-school care. Exceptional teaching staff provide a challenging, diverse and engaging curriculum that embraces continual growth. Parental involvement is an integral part of our school and participation, assistance and support are highly valued by our school learning community. Main Arm School is committed to continuous improvement of its core business - the success and happiness of each and every student.

Flood recovery update

The NSW Department of Education is coordinating an emergency response effort that is unprecedented in terms of scale and impact. A large number of schools in the Northern Rivers region have damage to either the entire site or some buildings and facilities.

The local School Infrastructure NSW office has inspected all schools in flood-impacted areas and has removed rubbish, cleaned and secured affected sites to ensure they are safe. Teams are repairing and remediating schools that were damaged during the foods and assessing works needed to rebuild the worst affected schools.

Main Arm Upper Public School suffered a significant amount of damage as a result of the flood events with a large number of buildings being inundated with flood waters.

Regular communication relating to the progress of works at Main Arm Upper Public School will continue to be updated to this page in the ‘Flood Recovery Updates’ section below.

Flood updates

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