Keeping schools safe and secure

Image: Security fencing at Oran Park Public School
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Every NSW public school has access to specialist security support and advice. School Infrastructure NSW provides advice on a broad range of security issues, including:

  • security guard services
  • designing electronic security and access control systems
  • security system maintenance and repair
  • 24/7 monitoring of security systems
  • security risk assessments
  • security fencing
  • security signs.

Security fencing

Security fencing is designed with the school community in mind, tailored to the school’s specific needs. Schools with security fencing report a significant reduction in the number of break-and-enter, trespass and vandalism incidents.

Fences can be effective in protecting schools from loss and damage and help to ensure school students and local communities have access to safer facilities and playing fields through programs like Share Our Space and shared use arrangements

Although security fencing is effective, it should be part of an overall security plan. This might include security guard patrols, electronic surveillance such as alarms and CCTV, along with other risk mitigation strategies that suit the needs of individual schools.

Security fencing is an effective barrier to intruders, both during school operating hours and after-hours. Generally, security fencing is 2.1 metres high, deters and prevents climbing and is designed to provide casual surveillance opportunities through the choice of materials, design and construction.

Let us know about an issue at your local school

To seek advice and support regarding a security issue at your local school, please contact our School Security Unit:

Phone: 1300 88 00 21