Five Islands Secondary College

Five Islands Secondary College (FISC) is a unique public school in the Illawarra, providing a range of educational opportunities for students studying in Years 10, 11 and 12. It caters for students seeking a personalised and supportive approach to their education. The curriculum has a dual emphasis on the provision of academic and vocational pathways. If desired, there are a variety of ways students can access the RoSA and HSC, while also completing VET courses or traineeships. Students follow a pathway toward their own goals and futures and there is a culture of high expectations that provides a supportive framework to achieve both academic and vocational success. We also celebrate and showcase the arts, offering electives in Drama, Music, Visual Arts and Film Making FISC caters for different types of students including; full-time, part time, English as Second Language, school age and mature age. This includes students who may be re-entering education or those choosing a more personalised or flexible pattern of learning. FISC has four Special Education classes that specialise in students with high anxiety. A range of specialised classes including Photography, Computer Applications and Furnishings are on offer to mature learners. Our Year 10, 11 and 12 programs and are open to applicants from across the Illawarra. Enrolments are welcomed at any time during the school year. FISC is dynamic in responding to the needs of students and building strong relationships so as to maximize engagement in learning. We provide a college campus style education where students come first. Individuality is valued, the learning environment is flexible, students do not wear uniform and school hours are from 8.40 am to 3.40 pm Monday to Thursday. FISCculture places a strong emphasis on students taking responsibility for their own learning and engagement. Together with supportive staff and a dynamic and flexible curriculum delivery, our students' learning outcomes are enhanced through a raft of both curricular and extracurricular opportunities. Our strong achievement system reinforces positive student expectations and rewards students. Our shared values of "Respect, Aspiration and Responsibility" inform high expectations for the personal conduct of all its members. Students meeting and exceeding these expectations are acknowledged appropriately through our positive recognition processes. Achievement rewards and recognition are accessible at multiple levels for the diverse candidature of of FISC. The Student Wellbeing Program supports students in the achievement of their learning outcomes. Programs such as Connected Learning, Learning Support and Tutorial Support combine to assist students with the balance of personal and academic needs.These programs provide an environment of valued support and interaction. Aboriginal Education is highly valued at FISC. Each year FISC acknowledges Sorry Day and celebrates NAIDOC week, and values the community participation from the school's Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. Staff members attend the local Aboriginal Education Consultative Group. Aboriginal students at the College are involved in the AIME program. An Aboriginal Tutor is employed through NORTA NORTA funding to support student learning and wellbeing. A feature of FISC has been the ongoing commitment from a small band of "retired" or "semi-retired" professional people to support and mentor students. The Mentors provide assistance to the students' one on one, explaining tasks that a student didn't understand. This program provides valuable avenues of support for our students and helps to promote student wellbeing. In 2016, FISC is expanding its Living Classroom Project through the continued development of a sustainable permaculture garden. The Living Classroom program offers students unique learning opportunities with links across a range of curriculum Key Learning Areas including Science, Technology and Applied Sciences, Human Society and Its Environment and Personal Development, Health and Physical Education.FISC has also formed a partnership with TAFE Illawarra to deliver an Industry Curriculum Framework, Horticulture TVET course on site. Facilities at FISC are outstanding. Students have access to purpose built state -of- the- art facilities including a commercial kitchen, metalfabrication workshop and a construction / timber facility. The latest technology is employed in the computer laboratories, library facilities and Visual Arts. The 'new Learning Facility' is a unique multipurpose learning space, rich in interactive technology and is the only one of its kind in the region.Technology is a continuing focus of FISC.Teachers are successfully supported in professional learning in technology through an in-school mentoring program where two highly skilled staff members work with individual teachers to develop their technology skills. Five lslands Secondary College motto is Your Pathway, Your Future.

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School spaces will be open from 8am to 5pm from 23 December 2019 to 24 January 2020 including weekends and public holidays. Roving security guards will open the gates in the morning between 7-8am and close them between 5-6pm at night.

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