Girrakool School

Girrakool ETU provides educational and vocational programs for males aged 16 to 21. Students are drawn from throughout NSW. The ETU mission is 'to create a positive learning environment and to facilitate each student's successful integration into their community'. A variety of credentialed curriculum is provided which covers remedial, academic, recreational and vocational courses. The ETU operates in partnership with its immediate community and a number of other external agencies. These agencies all have representation on the Local Education and Training Consultative Committee (LEATCC), which identifies the significant courses of study for the students. In 2009, around 340 students enrolled at Girrakool ETU. Of these, approximately 45% identified as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander, and about a further 25% were from LOTE backgrounds, mainly Pacific Island, Arabic and south-east Asian cultures. Of the students who were in the centre for the required length of time, 94% successfully completed NSW BOS or TAFE courses in 2009.

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