Gosford East Public School

Gosford East P.S. is situated two kilometres from the C.B.D of Gosford in an established residential area. Our outstanding site is fully utilised by students for play, sport and environmental learning. Our school is known for its record of high achievement, of acceptance and tolerance. Our dedicated staff has a great empathy with the local community and works with parents to provide a quality, safe, caring environment where the school 'culture' is conducive to ongoing improved learning outcomes for all students. The school has a very high participation rate in Art, Dance and in the School Choirs. A Support Unit catering for students with physical needs and for students with a mild intellectual delay andother students with disabilities such as Autism and intellectual delayis a unique feature of our school. There are 30 students enrolled in threesupport classes. Our challenge is always to lead the way in fostering an acceptance, amongst all members in our community, of difference. Gosford East Public School is creating its students' futures through learning. Our purpose is to teach students the skills, values and attitudes suited to Australian life today and to provide students with qualitylearning experiences which are suited to their stage of emotional, intellectual and physical development and help them achieve their personal best.

Share Our Space

School spaces will be open from 8am to 5pm from 23 December 2019 to 24 January 2020 including weekends and public holidays. Roving security guards will open the gates in the morning between 7-8am and close them between 5-6pm at night.

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This school is currently being assessed against the current Cooler Classroom funding guidelines.

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