Katoomba North Public School

Katoomba North is a small community school inclusive of all students situated near Minne-HaHa Falls in the beautiful Blue Mountains. Enrolments fluctuate between145-165 students. Many students come from families whose parents, grandparents and relatives attended the school. The school is recognised for its positive environment where staff who work closely together, consistently demonstrate innovative excellence and high expectations. The Darug and Gundungurra people, the traditional custodians of the community, have a strong representation and presence in the school. Katoomba North Public School provides a broad relevant curriculum that is differentiated to meet the needs of all students. We prepare students for secondary education and to meet unknown challenges in life beyond primary school. The school focuses on well-being structures and approaches to provide a positive and reinforcing school environment as student wellbeing underpins success as learners, leaders and capable citizens. The school aims for students to become competent, resilient, self directed and critical learners. These skills will equip them for productive participation in school and society now and for the future. Staff at Katoomba North Public School provide a stimulating inclusive environment encouraging high expectations and academic excellence for all. They are committed to the education of all students, demonstrating best practice, innovative teaching and extra-curricular activities.Katoomba North Public School focuses on the priority of Public Education- teaching and learning programs that envelop literacy and numeracy. The school's creative arts program is exceptional. Every class enjoys a weekly music lesson. Students can join dance, band, choirs, ensemble and recorder groups. Music scholarships allow students to access quality local music tutors and learn instruments including the flute, drums, guitar, piano and saxophone. Staff recognise the diverse needs of our students in an ever-changing world and value the involvement of parents and the wider community. Our school participates in many activities with other local schools including debating, music and dance festivals, volleyball, football and cricket.A comprehensive transition program jointly organised with the on-site preschool and Katoomba North, ensures a smooth start for Kindergarten students. The school also boasts a community room where weekly playgroups and parent activities operate including outreach courses provided by TaFE. Students, community and staff are proud of the many school's achievements.

Share Our Space

School spaces will be open from 8am to 5pm from 23 December 2019 to 24 January 2020 including weekends and public holidays. Roving security guards will open the gates in the morning between 7-8am and close them between 5-6pm at night.

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