Seven Hills Public School

Seven Hills Public School is dedicated to providing high quality educational programs with an emphasis on improvingacademic outcomes, increasing student engagement and strengthening community partnerships. The school has a strong focus on meeting the needs of all students and maximising their potential both academically and socially. We encourage students to strive for success in academic, social, cultural and sporting pursuits. Our school promotes equity and excellence to ensure all students become confident, creative, lifelong learners and active, informed global citizens.The students, staff and parents are committed to celebrating the diversity and inclusion of all students in all aspects of school life. Our school staff is comprised of experienced and dedicated teachers with a variety of strengths and specialisations who work collaboratively to deliver qualitydifferentiated learning programs. The school provides a nurturing and caring environment that promotes positive relationships and encourages students to achieve their full potential. There is also a focus on developing reflective teaching practice and integrating technology across all learning areas. The school has established a strong sense of community where parent and community partnerships are valued. Our school is strongly supported by our communityand has an onsite OOSH(Out Of School Hours) care facility, managed by the Parents and Citizens' Association (PC). The school is part of the Nirimba Network of schools and is a member of both the Blacktown Learning Community and the Warali Wali Education Group. Seven Hills Public School offers a range of programs to meet the diverse and individual needs of our students, including: Reading Recovery - the Reading Recovery program is an early intervention program to assist students in developing literacy skills. Ittargets Year 1 students and is an intensive literacy program utilising strategies to explicitly teach children reading skills. Transition Programs - our school offers a range of transition programs for students beginning school and students beginning their secondary schooling. We have developed partnerships with local preschools and offer an extensive transition program for students beginning Kindergarten. Strong partnerships with local high schools provide students with quality learning experiences to assist their transition to secondary schooling. Learning Support Programs -our school provides quality learning support programs delivered by experienced Learning and Support teachers (LaST) and English as a Language Dialect (EaLD) teachers. These programs deliver needs-based support to students requiring additional support in Literacy and Numeracy. Targeted support is also provided by Student Learning Support Officers, who provide individualised assistance to those students requiring personalised support. Aboriginal Education - Aboriginal Education is a priority at Seven Hills Public School. Aboriginal students have Personalised Learning Plans and are provided with additional support to meet their individual learning needs. Aboriginal perspectives are embedded inall areasto provide students with authentic learning experiences around Aboriginal history, culture and creative arts. Student Leadership - Seven Hills Public School recognises the importance of student wellbeing and building the capacity and confidence of students to adapt and be successful in the 21st century. School leaders are provided with a range of experiences to develop leadership skills, both within school and across the Blacktown Learning Community. Positive Behaviour for Learning - Our school embeds the Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) framework across all school systems to enhance academic and social behaviour outcomes for students. PBL is a school-wide behaviour initiative where all students are explicitly taught the behavioural expectations of our school.PBL encourages positive behaviour from students, which has been shown to improve their self-concept and motivation to learn. PBL encompasses a broad range of programs in our school, including values education, student wellbeing andanti-bullying. Sports - Students at our school engage in a range of sporting and physical activities. Our PE and sports programs encourage children to actively participate in a range of sports and fitness activities and to make healthy lifestyle choices. Students participate in programs to develop fundamental movement skills, team-building skills, sports leadership development and skill development related to specific sports. Arts - Seven Hills Public School offers many opportunities for students to participate and perform in creative and performing arts. Each year,our students perform in the Blacktown Music Festival as members of the combined choir. Art work from students at Seven Hills PS has been selected for exhibition at local, national and international events.

Share Our Space

School spaces will be open from 8am to 5pm from 23 December 2019 to 24 January 2020 including weekends and public holidays. Roving security guards will open the gates in the morning between 7-8am and close them between 5-6pm at night.

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This school’s Cooler Classrooms project is now complete, and the school is enjoying a healthier learning environment.

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