Jesmond Public School

The teachers and students at Jesmond Public School work together within a positive, happy and supportive educational environment to ensure that the diverse student population realises its full potential. This diversity includes non-English speaking refugees and a regional special needs class. They are an integral and rich addition to our school, however their inclusion in our statistics can reflect negatively on some aspects of our school's NAPLAN results. We make valuable use of our excellent facilities by offering a wide range of educational, physical and cultural opportunities. Our new school hall,is an excellent community and school resource. It facilitates a deeper development of our enrichment programs which include: our choir, school band, school dance group and our drama classes. External groupsincluding Korean and Arabic Language Schools hire our hall to provide additional activities for our students and the wider community. We have a reputation for meeting individual learning needs. We provide an educational environment that applies computer technology effectively, develops cultural and emotional skills and allows for valuable cultural experiences through our diverse multicultural community. This environment creates a positive approach to school life. Many of our students are the children of international postgraduate students attending Newcastle University. They choose to send their children to our school because of our school's accepting student and parent community and its capacity to integrate the learning opportunities to create a richer learning environment for all. Our attractive grounds, a large open playground, beautiful heritage buildings and new school hall complement our excellent learning environment. We have a proud tradition of working with the community, including Newcastle University, to provide the best possible learning outcomes for all students. Jesmond Public School is a proud member of the Callaghan Education Pathways (CEP), which comprises Callaghan College and its partner primary schools working together to provide: continuum of learning; specialised learning environments for the future; and innovative learning experiences. Please don't hesitate to contact us for further information or to discuss your child's education. Alternatively, look at our school website, which gives a fuller account of our rich learning environment.

Cooler Classrooms Program

The NSW Government is committed to providing students with healthy and comfortable learning environments. That’s why we’ve invested a record $500 million to provide a sustainable air conditioning program for NSW schools.

To ensure the NSW Government responds to the needs of students in the hottest parts of the State, we will provide air conditioning in classrooms and libraries at schools that experience a mean maximum January temperature of 30°C and above.

Schools that sit below 30°C will be able to apply for funding to receive air conditioning in their classrooms and libraries, allowing more schools to benefit from air conditioning than ever before.

This school is eligible to apply for funding through the Cooler Classrooms Program. Applications for the second round of funding are now closed.

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