Holgate Public School

Holgate Public School is a small school in a semi-rural setting on the Central Coast of New South Wales. We aim to cater for the individual needs of every pupil by developing independent and responsible students in a small, friendly community based atmosphere. Holgate Public School provides a caring and supportive environment to allow students to achieve a diverse range of skills and understandings. We have a shared vision between our staff and our school community to ensure each child explores and consolidates their individual strengths and interests. The school purpose is to provide a teaching and learning environment that is purposeful and relevant to learners as well as supporting professional growth of all staff. This includes supporting learners to be engaged, self-motivated and able to accept personal challenges and to have an informed and connected school community that is supportive and engaged in the wide range of school activities and programs. The school has an emphasis on high quality teaching, high expectations, performing and creative arts and the environment. The school provides a balanced educational program; successful involvement in team and individual sporting activities; a wide range of technology applications for teaching and learning; a student welfare policy that includes a School Parliament, Leadership, Road Safety, Drug Education, Child Protection as well as a Positive Rewards Program. The school enjoys a strong partnership with PC and the community members support the canteen; assist in the implementation of numeracy and literacy programs; coaching sporting teams as well as involvement in Parents and Citizens' sub-committees. We celebrate students' strengths and reinforce our school motto on a daily basis..... To Thine Own Self Be True.

Share Our Space

School spaces will be open from 8am to 5pm from 23 December 2019 to 24 January 2020 including weekends and public holidays. Roving security guards will open the gates in the morning between 7-8am and close them between 5-6pm at night.

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This school is currently being assessed against the current Cooler Classroom funding guidelines.

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