Goonengerry Public School

Goonengerry Public School is a two classroom school in the hinterland of Byron Bay on the far North Coast of New South Wales. It is the focal point of the diverse and semi-rural community it serves. The core belief of our school is recognising the individual value of each of our students. This feature of our school is shown through a caring, inspiring and creative environment. There is a strong emphasis on the development of each student's self-esteem while encouraging students to reach their full potential in all academic areas. Families are a key part of our school. At Goonengerry Public School we encourage community and parent engagement in the school. We achieve this through an honest and open communication network into the wider community. Some unique features of the school programme include specialist guitar tuition for all children years 3-6; small class sizes; an emphasis on expression through performing and visual arts; intensive Reading Support; specialised Sports programmes; advanced and integrated use by all students of Technology; enrichment and extension programmes in Engineering, Literacy and Environmental Education; and parent-led group activities. Our school is well resourced, with funds coming from both State and Federal Government programmes. The grounds of Goonengerry Public School are safe, inspiring and peaceful. Our Student Welfare code is founded on the words 'When I am responsible I am being a respectful, safe learner'. We achieve happy children who feel safe to aspire, challenge and develop dreams. Each and every one of our children enjoys learning and thrives in the relationships developed with their peers, teachers and all adults at Goonengerry Public School.

Flood recovery update

The NSW Department of Education is coordinating an emergency response effort that is unprecedented in terms of scale and impact. A large number of schools in the Northern Rivers region have damage to either the entire site or some buildings and facilities.

The local School Infrastructure NSW office has inspected all schools in flood-impacted areas and has removed rubbish, cleaned and secured affected sites to ensure they are safe. Teams are repairing and remediating schools that were damaged during the foods and assessing works needed to rebuild the worst affected schools.

Goonengerry Public School experienced moderate damage as a result of heavy rainfall during the flood events. Remediation is now complete. Monitoring of the school will continue.

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