Broadwater Public School

Broadwater Public School is a small school located south of Ballina. The core values of our school are to promote excellence in student achievement, respect and care for each other, cooperation and participation. Our school has a strong focus on every student achieving their potential and enjoying their school experiences. Some features of our school are strong academic and student welfare programs, with students supported and nurtured in a safe, attractive environment with extensive gardens and air-conditioned buildings. Experienced, caring staff, small class sizes and the use of current pedagogy ensure that each student's abilities are met and extended and each student's needs addressed. A supportive, cohesive student body helps ensure all students feel welcome in the school. Broadwater Public School has a proud history of providing many and varied extra-curricular activities to ensure students from our small community are not disadvantaged by its relative isolation. Over the years our school has enjoyed the benefits of a highly-valued Parents and Citizens Association which provides a supportive platform for developing proactive partnerships in the school community.

Flood recovery updates

A project is underway to rebuild Broadwater Public School after it was damaged by floods in early 2022. To stay up to date, visit the flood recovery project page.

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