Blakebrook Public School

Blakebrook Public School is located 10km north west of Lismore. It is in a picturesque setting with a spacious playground partly bordered by trees. Our vision is to pursue quality educational outcomes where students, teachers, parents and the wider community plan and work cooperatively to provide supportive and challenging learning experiences for our students. This is a safe and caring environment where our children thrive. This is reflected in the school's motto which is ' I care about others; I do my best; and I respect my school, value my community and this land'. We see our school as a place where students develop attitudes, skills and knowledge to enable them to be caring, responsible, competent and self-directed learners, able to take their place in society. We have a strong focus on CAPA, Personal Development/Health/Physical Education, the environment, Thinking Skills and Habits of Mind. At Blakebrook we pride ourselves on sending our students to High School as strong, positive leaders who are critical, creative lateral thinkers who are not afraid to stand up and do the right thing. Gifted and talented students are catered for by differentiating our curriculum and Enrichment groups. Our achievements in all areas are strong.

Flood recovery updates

A project is underway to rebuild Blakebrook Public School after it was extensively damaged by floods in early 2022. To stay up to date visit the flood recovery project page.

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