Managing asbestos

The Department of Education manages a large and diverse portfolio of school infrastructure. The department is constantly tracking and managing existing asbestos that is present in school assets.

Asbestos was commonly used between the 1940s and late 1980s, and is present today in some materials of the era such as cement sheeting, old heaters, vinyl floor tiles, insulation and wall lining.

Known and suspected asbestos on public school sites are managed in strict accordance with Safe Work NSW and all applicable legislation, regulations, policies and guidelines, including the Department’s Asbestos Management Plan for NSW Government Schools.

The health, safety and well-being of the community is the department’s highest priority. Any asbestos that poses any risk is dealt with immediately.

Any asbestos concerns are reported to the local Asset Management Unit and are dealt with straight away, consistent with relevant statutory guidelines.

The removal of asbestos is always scheduled at a time that ensures no risk whatsoever to students, staff or the community.

Read more about managing asbestos in NSW public schools (PDF 215 KB)

Asbestos register

To provide transparency in asbestos management in our public schools, the department regularly publishes records of asbestos.

  • The records kept at each individual school form the legal register of asbestos. Any worker on site must consult the register before any work is undertaken. These records are updated to reflect the current status of the school.
  • A central record for each school is updated and published online each year to provide an overview.

The Department's Schools Asbestos Register contains information about the existence and location of any known or presumed asbestos-containing materials on school sites, based on advice from experts.

For each school, you will find the Department of Education Asbestos Management Plan and associated Asbestos Register, and for a small number of schools, a Site Specific Management Plan which details where we have found and remediated in-grounds asbestos.

Please read the Asbestos Register in conjunction with the Asbestos Management Plan (PDF 12MB), so you can fully understand the register. If you have any specific questions about asbestos management at your school, please contact the principal.

The vast majority of materials containing asbestos are safe. Studies show that if the material is left undisturbed and is in sound condition it poses no risk to health.

Further information

Any member of the school community, parent, student or neighbour is able to view their school's asbestos register by contacting the school principal. Call 132 779 and ask for your school's asset management unit.