Materials innovation

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We are exploring a new set of ideas for the future that aims to optimise the value from the $17.7 billion invested in public education infrastructure. Every day, our teams support more than 800,000 public school students and more than 120,000 employees across over 2,200 schools. How we direct our infrastructure spend will influence communities for years to come. 

We are reimagining the materials and methods of construction of our schools. Our goal is to provide high-quality flexible teaching spaces that meet sustainability objectives and deliver value for money.

We are looking for materials and methods of construction that:

  • will equip the next generation of Australians for the future
  • will provide a return on community investment in education
  • are regenerative and safe for all species through time
  • can fuel a competitive NSW industry.

Materials and methods include those that integrate the latest digital technology, modern methods of construction, kit of parts methodologies and mass production.

SINSW industry engagement on materials innovation 

To accelerate the development and adoption of more sustainable solutions, we sought industry opinions on materials innovation through two forums held in December 2022 and a survey that concluded on 27 January 2023. This engagement highlights the significance of our goal to provide high-quality flexible teaching spaces that not only enhance learning outcomes but also meet sustainability goals and offer value for money. Our efforts in this field will be guided by this information, and you can view our summary report below for more details.