The technology

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How it works

About the Service NSW app

School Visitor Check-in is a tool on the Service NSW app, accessible by scanning the School Visitor Check-in QR code on your phone.

You can also navigate to the tool by opening the Service NSW app and scrolling to the School Visitor Check-in tool under the ‘services’ section.

Every school will have its own School Visitor Check-in QR code for you to scan and check-in with.  


Every school will have a webform link for check-in via a school device. This means that if you do not have the Service NSW app installed on your phone, you will be taken to a webform to fill out your details. It also means that you can use a school device to check-in via the webform if you do not have a smartphone.  

Concierge device (iPad) 

With the addition of a concierge device, visitors now have the option to check-in with an iPad, or continue to scan the school's QR code using their mobile phone.


The School Visitor Check-in Logbook receives visitor records from Service NSW. The Logbook was created by the Department, is accessible on multiple devices and is available only to delegated school staff. 

Once a visitor or staff member has checked in the school will receive the record of visit in their School Logbook. 

Data, privacy and access