Cooler Classrooms Program

The NSW Government is committed to providing students with healthy and comfortable learning environments.

That’s why we’ve invested a record $500 million over five years to provide a sustainable air conditioning program in thousands of classrooms and library spaces in more than 900 schools across NSW.

To help our students achieve their potential and improve learning outcomes, we are delivering sustainable air conditioning, heating and fresh air ventilation systems in eligible classrooms and library spaces to improve indoor environments and air quality. 

Benefits beyond cooling

Year-round comfort

Reverse-cycle air conditioning units will cool in the summer and heat in the winter for year-round comfort.

Fresh air

In addition to cooling and heating, the systems will supply fresh air to avoid stuffy environments.

Improved air quality

Teachers and students will be alerted to times when additional fresh air is needed to boost indoor air quality.

Optimising comfort

The systems are fully programmed to provide the optimal environment for any season with the touch of a button.

Promoting sustainability

Renewable energy sources – such as solar – will be installed to limit our environmental impact.

Promoting awareness

Through smart-monitoring, teachers and students can learn how to minimise their energy use.

Reduced energy usage

Air conditioning will automatically shut off after 2 hours.

Bringing the outside in

Monitors notify teachers and students when the weather outside is optimal for opening windows.

Program update

The Cooler Classrooms Fund has now closed.

The first schools to benefit from Cooler Classrooms have been announced. More than 900 schools will be the first to have new air conditioning systems installed in their classrooms and libraries, benefiting tens of thousands of students.

Further applications are currently being assessed.


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