Supporting our teams to design and deliver quality learning spaces

Release date: 27 April 2023

We’re excited to launch 2 new websites that will support our aim to build NSW’s education system for the students of today and tomorrow.

The new Education Facilities and Standards Guidelines (EFSG) and Technical Standards websites now feature a fresh look and feel, showcasing information on how and why schools are designed best to deliver teaching and learning.

The websites provide new content communicating School Infrastructure NSW’s standardised design approach, supporting our industry partners to implement standard hub layouts in new and upgraded schools.  The websites are now mobile-responsive, making it easier for our delivery partners to access key technical information while attending site visits.

Design guide and specification guide content has been simplified and merged according to Australian Standards numbering, helping our industry partners and other website users to locate targeted information to answer their questions about designing, building and maintaining schools. 

Industry partners will have access to the full range of technical and performance requirements, to support them when providing professional services on School Infrastructure NSW school projects. 

Check the new websites out today: 

Key changes EFSG users will experience

The original EFSG website has been divided into 2 separate websites.

The Education Facilities and Standards Guidelines website now contains 3 key areas: 

  1. Education planning: These principles translate our department’s vision for learning into a set of design considerations that guide us when developing plans for learning environments. They make a strong and clear statement about the value of learning and the school’s place in the community. 
  2. Design frameworks:  These frameworks provide a high-level understanding of the policy, procedures and processes that guide our teams when they develop design solutions.  
  3. Design components: The design components provide a simplified and standardised approach to delivering schools to ensure disciplined and equitable access to flexible teaching and learning facilities.  This includes key elements and arrangements of a school based on type and size.  Spatial requirements, schedules of accommodation, standardised hub design and hub layouts are also available on the website.

The EFSG Technical Standard website is tailored for the building professional and it contains 3 key areas: 

  1. Worksections: These sections provide specific design standards and specification information for new and existing schools. These are aligned to all building regulatory requirements with additional guidance to ensure the best outcomes for the school learning environments we deliver.  
  2. Kit of parts: These components provide building information modelling (BIM) content, aligned to our standard design approach and learning hub layouts. This will progressively replace legacy room layouts and support our move towards greater adoption of modern methods of construction for new and upgraded school projects.  
  3. Design guide notes: These notes support our in-house technical teams to keep up-to-date with innovation, research and development being implemented within the practice and for the ongoing evolution of the Technical Standards. 

The EFSG website is available to everyone, with no need for a login or password. The Technical Standards website requires a login and password, as it contains specialist information for the design and delivery of NSW public school facilities. If you were already a registered user of the original EFSG websiteworking as an external consultant or contractor, you will need to re-register your details for continued access.  

If you have any questions or feedback, please contact our support team for  assistance. Thank you for your continued support. We look forward to working with you to meet the future needs of schools and their educational development.